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Dr. Powers has dedicated a significant part of his practice to the use of Nutritional Supplements for healing and preventive medicine for his patents.

The following supplement vendors were researched and chosen by Dr. Powers as the best he could find to accomplish that.

  1. Douglas Labs: is recommended because they are high-quality pharmaceutical grade with natural ingredients.
  2. Nordic Naturals: provide our Omega 3 they can be in liquid or capsules and are the highest quality fish oil made with all natural ingredients.
  3. Am Biologics: is a highly regarded supplement company that provides GPC (Glycerol Phospho Choline) one of our recommended memory supplements.
  4. Prothera: supplies our Ther-Biotic complete/ a 25 billion CFU Muti species Probiotic Supplement as well as Vita Zymes complete enzymes for digestive health.
  5. Jacob Labs: we are supplied with MSM oral solution and Excelsa Gel (rub on) for pain management.
  6. Chi Enterprise: supplies us with a supplement for patients who use Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and need an aromatase Inhibitor to reduce estradiol.
  7. Melaleuca: Many wellness products available for home and body, representative on premises.